What does SME do?

SME is a company that specializes in the sale, purchase, search for and transfer of surplus inventory or equipment in the pulp and paper, sawmill, mining and aluminum smelter industries.

A team of experts

SME was founded in 1998 in the Saguenay region (Canada) by industry professionals, to meet the needs of an initial industrial client who was trying to liquidate some machinery.

Today, the company regroup a team of ten experts in the areas of sales, inventory counting, machinery and computers.


An “open book” management approach

SME’s mission is to build bridges and facilitate business relationships between buyers and/or potential sellers of surplus equipment or equipment that is in inventory.

The company differs from customary brokers due to its “open book” management approach that it uses with the parties.

The buyer and/or seller client get to know one another and do business, directly with the assistance of SME’s negotiator, in such a way as to reach a quick and satisfactory agreement.


1. At SME the seller and the buyer get to know one another

SME’s contract with the interested parties is designed to facilitate the purchasing / selling process between the actors.

SME’s simplified agreement protocol enables all the parties to work with complete confidence.

While normally the broker conceals this information between the parties under the seal of confidentiality, SME uses this information to facilitate the completion of the transaction.

All the while ensuring that the integrity of the parties is respected, each of the involved parties is rapidly able to appreciate the overall value of the bargaining process put in place by SME to nurture the business relationship.

2. SME finds buyers

Added value : you save time !

SME looks for a seller and/or a buyer on your behalf. You thus have more time to devote to your on-going business dealings.

SME knows all the key
industry actors :

the pulp and paper industry in Canada and the United States, the companies who provide services to these clients (engineering firms, suppliers, etc.), other kinds of related industries depending upon the nature of the stock to be sold.

3. SME assists in concluding the transaction

SME makes it easier to convey and to become aware of the relevant information between the parties by :

decreasing the time and effort devoted to searching for buyers / sellers.

contacting lists of potential buyers / sellers.

preparing lists of inventory items.

organizing inspection of the equipment.

providing information to the parties clearly, unambiguously and accurately, and as much as is possible, while ensuring that the expectations of each of the parties is duly taken into consideration.

improving decision making between the seller and the buyer.

facilitating negotiations regarding price and the conditions of the transaction as a result of its unparalleled familiarity with the market.

4. SME sells at a flat % rate

The commission is stipulated beforehand at a flat rate regardless of the amount of the final transaction.

The seller is always free to stipulate its price.

The buyer is always free to define its offer.

SME never seeks to modify the monetary offer between the parties other than in the context of helping them reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

The most important goal sought by SME is to facilitate and conclude an agreement between the parties.

Effective Sales Tools

An on-line Catalogue

Do business and enjoy absolute confidentiality and total security.
Make an offer or ask for information directly with a secure form.

For the buyer

The on-line catalogue enables you to see the customers products.Photos and technical specifications are promptly available for you to examine.When undertaking a transaction you have the option to :
make a confidential offer via the secure on-line form.
communicate with us to initiate a bargaining process with the seller.

For the sale representative

You can take advantage of the on-line catalogue with photos and technical specifications to show your products to potential buyers :

machines in inventory,
surplus industrial equipment,
unused new equipment and other industrial equipment.

When undertaking a transaction you can :

directly receive an offer over the Internet.
use the services of a SME professional to bring negotiations to a successful conclusion.

For the buyer

Use the on-line auction to identify interesting business opportunities and to save money.

For the seller

Use the on-line auction to quickly liquidate your surplus industrial inventory.

The SME system is simple, flexible and secure.

Try it out !


Avenues to navigate

The world at your doorstep


The worldwide market

SME offers it expertise all over the world. Whether it be in Canada, the United States, Europe or Asia, the company is in a position to provide its expertise to any and all interested companies.


Over the years, SME has developed numerous avenues to navigate internationally . Accordingly, in some industry sectors you will gain access to more than 1,000 SEO Manchester potential clients to whom you can offer your equipment and/or to complete your search.

Package deal

You can benefit from SME’s services with an all-inclusive package deal, which includes :

the sale and/or the purchase;

counting inventory;



shipping / transporting your equipment.

SME can take charge of the entire process for all kinds of equipment : unused production equipment, obsolescent production equipment that still works, surplus inventories of material and equipment that arises when fit-up and/or construction work is being done.