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Terms and Conditions


There is no base solicitation. You can mastermind by phone, fax, email, mail or at our site with our safe on-line demand planning system. In case you orchestrate by phone, fax, email mail please incorporate all determinations required, including sum, thing number, depiction, esteem, name, transportation area, telephone number and email address.


We send with various passes on including FedEx, USPS (US Postal Administration) and DHL. We send with UPS just on a customer's record. Transportation charges may transform from the aggregate showed by the customized dispatching analyst since the weight figured in the site may differentiate from the bona fide pack weight due to the packaging material. For more unpretentious components please imply the Shipping Page.

Get Orders

Solicitations can be gotten at our stockroom some place around 9am and 4pm PST. Regardless, in spite of all that you need to put in your solicitation through our site with the objective that we can set up your solicitation. As our site does not offer "Get" as conveyance decision you'd have to pay for transportation when you present your solicitation and we will give you a full markdown. Then again, you can pay when you get your solicitation (pick Check/Money Order on the checkout page). Before setting off to our dissemination focus please call first at +1 (929) 5678 9032 to confirm that your solicitation is readied.

Back Orders

All things are as a rule in stock and immediately open. On the other hand, regardless of the way that we are continually extending our inventories, it might happen that a thing misses the mark on stock. It would be perfect on the off chance that you urge us you need the thing set in a back requests for as out-of-stocks are not actually return in a requests for.

Missing/Wrong/Damaged Items

Face Cream takes magnificent thought in squeezing demands. It would be perfect on the off chance that you check the encased squeezing slip against the genuine shipment. Any irregularities or wrong things must be represented within 5 business days in the wake of tolerating the solicitation. Furthermore, please keep the squeezing slip as we may request a copy of it in order to twofold check the stuffed things with our own rundown we have on archive. Things are commonly affirmed on the squeezing slip and the squeezing slip is set apart by the packer.

Request Discrepancies

Missing things or wrong things must be represented within 5 days resulting to getting the solicitation. All arrangements are last after five days.

Harmed Items

If groups are hurt upon receipt, you should get in touch with us within 5 business days in the wake of tolerating the ask for besides the conveyance carrier (FedEx, USPS, DHL) speedily so as to put forth a defense as we can not accept obligation for hurt packs. We will then record a case with the carrier.

Return Policy

All benefits must be pre-supported. On account of a conveyance slip we'll reship the privilege item(s). In case solicitations are come back to us without endorsement and/or after the allowed return period we keep up whatever power is expected to send it back to the customer without warning or charge a restocking/discarding cost of 25% of the main sticker price. For get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) if it's not too much trouble call us at +1 (929) 5678 9032 or use the Contact Us Form.


Ingredients beside APIs (see underneath) are returnable within 5 days of receipt of the solicitation to favor the landing. Any settling which has been opened is non-returnable and non-refundable. All arrangements are last after five days.

Danger of Loss

All things obtained from Face Cream are made according to a shipment contract. This suggests the peril of adversity and title for such things go to you upon our movement to the transporter. We can not expect risk for the shipment (i.e. in the event that there ought to be an event of lost groups we won't markdown anything and/or re-conveyance will be on the customer's cost). In any case, we require effort in taking after the group and record a case and advise the outcome's buyer.